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Spooktacular Year-End Sale

It's year one for my new native nursery and I have WAAAAAYYY too many plants to winter over or plant!

Here's what's left, with sizes and pricing. Don't forget to take 50% off:

Hackberry trees, celtis occidentalis, 18", $10

Thornless honeylocust, gleditsia triacanthos f. infermis 1', $10

Pawpaw, asimina triloba, 1-2', $15

Red oak, quercus rubra, 1', $10

Redbud, cercis canadensis, 6-12", $5-$10

Sandbar willow bushes, salix interior, 4-5', $15

Red and silver maples, 1-3', $10

Sweet gum, liquidambar styraciflua, 6-12", $5-10

Sycamore, platanus occidentalis, 3-4', $15

Witch hazel, hamamelis virginiana, 12-18", $15

When you come by, if you have nursery pots of any size, I'll gratefully accept them to help me get started planting next year! ;)

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