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This upright perennial herb blooms from June into September with flat-headed clusters of white flower heads. The pure-white “pearls” have a mildly pleasant scent and attract plenty of pollinators. The attractive, medium-green leaves have a bitter taste and sandpapery texture that tends to repel mammalian herbivores. The plant is also highly resistant to insects and diseases. It grows best in full sun and fertile, loamy soils, but it tolerates some shade and moist to slightly dry soils that are sandy or rocky. It spreads through tuberous roots and rhizomes. It contrasts nicely with prairie blazingstar, wild bergamot, and purple coneflower.


Plant Characteristics:

Grows to 2-3’ tall.


Thrives in full sun; tolerates a little shade.


Moist, fertile soils are preferred; tolerates clay, sandy, or rocky soils with moist to slightly dry conditions.


Wildlife Value:

Attracts honey and native bees, moths, wasps, flies, beetles, and plant bugs.


Deer resistant!


Full profile soon!

Quinine, Wild, Parthenium integrifolium

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