Host to 297 species of Lepidoptera 
This popular ornamental tree grows 40-60 ft. in cultivation, occasionally reaching 100-120’ in the wild.
Water Use: High
Wetland indicator status: FAC
Light Requirement: Sun , Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Moist
Drought Tolerance: Low
Cold Tolerant: yes
Heat Tolerant: yes
Soil Description: Moist, slightly acidic soils.
Use Wildlife: Browsed by deer and moose. Also used by squirrels and a variety of birds. Maples are widely used by inchworms and relied on by the Rosy Maple Moth, the Oval-based Prominent, the Retarded Dagger Moth, the Orange-humped Maple Worm, the Maple Looper, Cecropia moth and the Baltimore Bomolocha.
Warning: Leaves and bark poisonous to livestock.
Attracts: Birds

Red Maple, acer rubrum



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