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The white plastic markers that work so well to identify plants in pots tend to migrate away in rain storms and during the freezing and thawing cycles in winter. These galvanized wires with heavy duty zinc nameplates an be pushed deeply enough into the ground that they won't go anywhere!


Double Wire Standard - 20 " tall

Heavy Duty Zinc Nameplate - 3-1/2" x 1-1/4"


Black marking pen sold separately. Once labeled, print should last 3 years before beginning to fade. Then simply retrace the letters to refresh. Might we also suggest writing on the back as a back-up. Print there will fade slower since it isn’t in direct sunlight. 


Bulk Pricing for quantities of:

50-99 : $1.00 each

100+: $0.80 each

Plant Markers 20"

Excluding Sales Tax
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