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This is a stout, upright perennial 2-6' tall with purplish stems that branch at the top with delicate, white-and-yellow stamens that become long and tangled. The leaves are divided into many three-lobed leaflets. The size of individual plants varies significantly depending on environmental conditions. Plants growing in sunlight require more moisture than plants growing in shade. They are often found in river-bottom prairies, savannas and thickets, woodland borders, openings in wooded areas, wooded ravines, floodplain woodlands, and swamps.


Purple meadow rue is dioecious, so male and female flowers appear on separate plants.


Plant Characteristics:

2-6' tall.


Full or part sun.


Average to wet loamy, slightly sandy/rocky soils.


Wildlife Value:

Many species of bees are attracted to the abundant pollen.


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Rue, Purple Meadow, Thalyctrum dasycarpum

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