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As its name suggests, this is one of the showiest of the penstemons. For several weeks in May or June, stunning, tubular-shaped blooms attract hummingbirds and bees. The romantic color combination of succulent, blue-gray leaves and large, pinkish-lavender flowers is commonly seen in prairies in the Upper Midwest. It grows around 3' tall and prefers full or part sun and average to dry, sandy or rocky soils. Average, well-drained gardens soils are fine, but the plant does not like excess moisture. Striking when massed in meadows, cottage gardens, or naturalized areas. Native Americans treated toothaches by chewing the root pulp and placing it in the cavity. 


Height: 1-4' tall and 1-2' wide.

Sun: Part to full sun.

Soil: Average to dry, sandy or rocky soils. Tolerates drought.


Wildlife Value:

Host plant for larvae of 10 species of butterflies and moths, including chalcedon checkerspot and Edith's checkerspot.  Resistant to deer.


Full profile coming soon!

Penstemon, Large-Flowered, Penstemon grandiflorus

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