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Lanceleaf coreopsis creates a fantastic display of fringe-tipped, golden-yellow flowers May-July that attract numerous pollinators. Also known as tickseed because the seeds resemble ticks, coreopsis tolerates areas with poor soil, humidity, and drought. It does well in full to part sun, and it will grow in any type of soil as long as it’s well drained. It grows 12-18” tall and has a clumping, colony-forming habit. This short-lived perennial with cheery color and deeply lobed leaves is a favorite among gardeners and will reseed exuberantly, making it a great plant for naturalized native wildflower gardens, meadows, or prairies.


Native habitats include old fields, rocky landscapes, and along roadsides. Remove seed heads to contain spread in formal borders. Deadheading spent blooms will encourage longer bloom time.


Plant Characteristics:

Grows 12-18” tall.


Prefers full sun and tolerates part shade.


Grows in any medium-dry to dry, well-drained soils and especially thrives in dry, sandy soils.


Yellow, 1 ½” flowerheads occur singly on top of stems from May-July. Yellow centers protrude from 4-lobed ray flowers. Narrow, dark green leaves are 3-4” long and appear mostly on the bottom half of plants.


Wildlife Value:

Coreopsis is a host plant for 6 species of Lepidoptera, including the camouflaged looper pictured here (note that it makes its own costume from the plant its feeding on to escape predation). Butterflies are regular visitors, and songbirds feed on the ripe seeds in late summer.


Medicinal, Edible, and Other Uses:

Native Americans brewed coreopsis tea to treat stomach ailments and strengthen the blood.


Research has shown that the flowers are rich in flavonoids and may help balance the metabolism. A tea or coffee substitute can be made from the dried plant.


A colorful dye is made from the flowers.

Coreopsis, Lanceleaf, Coreopsis lanceolata

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