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Also known as tall blazing star, button snakeroot, rough gayfeather

Button-like, magenta-purple florets cover the upper 18-32"  of the plant, which usually grows 3 to 6 feet tall.


Plant Characteristics:

Grows 3-6' tall depending on site conditions.


Prefers full sun but can handle a little shade.


Prefers average to dry, sandy or rocky soils and adapts to loamy or clay soils that are well drained. Very drought tolerant.


Blooms with pink/purple flowers August-October.


Wildlife Value:

Host plant for 5 species of Lepidoptera larvae, including wavy-lined emerald, sunflower moth, and 2 specialist moths. Provides nectar for butterflies such as tiger swallowtail, clouded sulphur, orange sulphur, gray hairstreak, aphrodite fritillary, painted lady, red admiral, and wood nymph. 


Full profile soon!



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Blazing Star, Button/Rough, Liatris aspera

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