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This tall, erect aster is found in moist fields and on the borders of swamps. It blooms early for an aster--July through September--with flattish clusters of purple-tinged, white flowers (another common name is parasol whitetop). The showy flowers are at their best when grouped by water sites, placed in pollinator gardens, or given room to spread. 


  • Grows 3-5' tall. 
  • Prefers full or part sun in slightly acidic, sandy or loamy soils that are moist to occasionally wet. Adapts to other conditions.
  • White petals that tend to curve downward surround central yellow disc flowers.
  • Elliptical, green leaves are 3-6" long.
  • Wildlife Value: Attracts butterflies, native bees, wasps, flies, and beetles. Asters are host plants for 112 species of Lepidoptera larvae, including pearly crescent and Harris' checkerspot butterflies. Deer and other mammals browse the foliage.


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Aster, Flat-Topped White, Doellingeria umbellata

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