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This rounded, densely multi-stemmed shrub is 3 to 5 feet tall and often broader than it is tall when mature. It features flat-topped clusters of deceptively delicate, greenish-white flowers; the weight of the blooms often weigh the stems to the ground. Often found on stream banks and in rich woodlands, smooth hydrangea suckers freely to cover large areas. It's fast growing and short lived, so it can be cut to the ground in late winter. Because the brittle canes tend to break under ice and snow, this may be the best option. However, if not cut back, the canes have attractive, peeling bark.


Plant Characteristics:

Grows 3-5' tall and wide.


Prefers part or dappled sun; tolerates full sun with enough moisture.


Prefers moist, rich, well-drained soils. 


Creamy-white flowers bloom between May and August. Shearing spent flowers may stimulate a second flush of blooms. 


Rounded, green leaves have serrated margins and silvery undersides. 


Wildlife Value:

Host plant for the hydrangea sphinx moth caterpillar.  Pollinators visit for nectar and pollen, and song birds eat the seeds.


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Hydrangea, Smooth, Hydrangea aborescens

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