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American highbush cranberry is actually a viburnum, and has many features that make it an edible ideal landscape shrub. In June, flat-topped clusters of showy white flowers appear, followed by bright red berries that persist through most of winter, providing critical late-season food for birds and other wildlife. The flavor and appearance of the fruit is a lot like true cranberries. Fall foliage can vary, but is most often a spectacular deep red. Cranberry viburnum has a dense, rounded shape that makes an excellent screening hedge and windbreak.


Native to northeast Ohio, this shrub is also planted throughout the state.  In the wild, it’s found in open, wet woodlands and beside streams and other bodies of water.  Beautiful planted as a specimen, in groups, along streams or pond edges, or as a hedge, planted 2-3 feet apart.  A wonderful rain garden plant.


Plant Characteristics: