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This petite woodland species emerges in early spring with a refreshing palette of bright green, sword-shaped leaves and large, bluish-purple flowers with white patches and yellow crested ridges. It typically grows 4 to 9” tall and spreads rapidly to form dense colonies in part sun and well-drained, average or rich soils. Soils that are overly rich may produce excess foliage and few blooms. The iris tolerates full sun with a bit more moisture and will also grow in dry shade, making it a great groundcover for partly shaded rock gardens, woodland sites, and perennial borders. When massed, it displays a stunning drift of color. Warning: the plant is poisonous to humans, pets, and horses. To avoid skin irritation, wear gloves when handling the plant.


Height: 4-16” tall and 6-12” wide.


Sun: Full to part sun; tolerates nearly full shade.


Soil: well-drained, average to rich soils. Tolerates dry soils.


Wildlife Value:  April-May blooms attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.

Resistant to deer.


Full profile to come soon!

Iris, Dwarf-Crested, Iris cristata

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